Housing Services

Woman in a wheelchair cooking and enjoying her new home

One of the biggest needs of persons with disabilities is to live in a home that is economically affordable, physically accessible and a part of the community. Here at Independent Living Radio and Progress Center for Independent Living, we fight to bring to the forefront and educate governing authorities and Housing developers on this issue, […]

Legislative Training

Girl in wheelchair studying

Progress Center for Independent living and Independent Living Radio offer a Legislative Training Course: Week 1: Introduction to the program and coursework Watch a Video: “The Power of 504 Learn about the Civil Rights Movement Discuss what is meant by Advocacy and how it works Homework: Write a few paragraphs on how advocacy is currently used […]

Personal Assistant Services

Woman helping a boy in a wheelchair to play basketball

Recruitment, orientation and information on how to manage a Personal Assistant. At Progress Center, we recruit people who want to work as Personal Assistants and provide them with an orientation on how to work with people with disabilities. Progress Center also provides an orientation for people with disabilities on how a Personal Assistant should achieve their […]

Orientation and Mobility Training 

Man explaining to people in wheelchairs about certain aspects of adapted mobility

Orientation and Mobility Training  STEP 1 Orientation to transportation routes Orientation of the rooms and bedrooms Safety procedures Initial evaluation Functional evaluation PRE-CANE SKILLS Human Guide Hand above the forearm Hand below the forearm Trailing technique INDOOR MOBILITY AND SKILLS ORIENTATION  Stance (Position and Posture) Taking directions In-home orientation training CANE TECHNIQUES  Diagnostic Training Diagnostic […]

Braille Classes

Woman teaching man to read a braille book

Progress Center and Independent Living Radio encourage more peopleto learn the Braille system. Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who are blind or who are visually impaired. Braille is used by thousands of people all over the world in their native languages, and provides a means of literacy […]

Sign Language Classes

Woman speaking with sign language

Class Overview: Book “A basic course in American Sign Language” Humphries, Padden, & Rouke. Lessons 1 through 6 Students will:  (1). Learn tips for communicating  with Deaf individuals (2). Learn the finger spelling of the manual alphabet. (3). Build a vocabulary of 300 signs. (4). Use vocabulary in expressive sentences. Time in the classroom will […]

Independent Living Skill

Person giving orientation to a woman in a wheelchair

Whether it’s learing how to live independently, to create a Budget, to travel, hire a personal assistant, look for work or anything else, you can tell us what you’d like to learn     Learning to Live Independently is a way of life that includes values, attitudes, and behaviors. It embraces a philosophy that a person, regardless […]

Peer Counseling

person providing counseling to a person with a disability

We share and resolve problems that we confront in our daily lives like others who know what it’s like to live with a disability. When we acquire a disability we think that that we can no longer perform the same daily activities that we used to do. But here at Progress Center and Independent Living […]

Information and Referral

Three people talking, one of them is in a wheelchair

At Progress Center and Independent Living Radio we believe that information is power; that an informed person is always a person that is capable of knowing what their rights are, and where they can go. One can find any information they seek relevant to disability. We could also refer them to other resources if needed, and if we do […]


A woman offering her legal services to another with a disability

Direct and active support, and action without violence for persons with disabilities at both the individual and systemic levels. Progress Center and Independent Living Radio fight to educate and inform people with disabilities, their families, and friends on what their rights are and how to actively put pressure on their legislators to work on passing […]