Independent Living Skill

Person giving orientation to a woman in a wheelchair

Whether it’s learing how to live independently, to create a Budget, to travel, hire a personal assistant, look for work or anything else, you can tell us what you’d like to learn    

Learning to Live Independently is a way of life that includes values, attitudes, and behaviors. It embraces a philosophy that a person, regardless of their disability, has the potential to exercise individual self-determination. We have the right and the opportunity to choose and pursue a way of being. It is having the freedom to fail, and learn from our own mistakes just like anyone else.

That means that we too demand the same options as those living without a disability. We, like our  brothers, sisters, neighbors and Friends who do not have a disability,  want to have control over our daily lives.

We want to grow with our families, attend the neighborhood school, take the same bus that our neighbors take, receive the same job opportunity  that match our education levels of and capability. We want to form our own family, just like anyone else.

At Progress Center and Independent Living Radio, we can find the means and the tools that you need to be more independent so that you can reconnect with your community.

At Progress Center we have assisted many people with disabilities return to their daily activities: many of whom have even returned to work. With our help, you too could find your Independence and rejoin the workforce.

Do you need help, have questions or want to collaborate with the growth of Radio vida Independiente?