Independent Living Radio is a project under the umbrella of Progress Center for Independent Living; one of 22 centers for independent living in Illinois.

Our History

Independent Living Radio was originally formed on May 23, 2005.

It was initially only going to be a series of 4 programs in Spanish once a week for 1 hour. To this date, the Spanish radio show continues to broadcast its’ programs weekly, every Saturday from 6 a.m. – 7 a.m. through Univisión América Chicago, 1200 AM.


On October 2, 2015, both our Radio Vida Independiente in Spanish, and Independent Living Radio in English, began broadcasting 24 a day via the Internet. Independent Living Radio is the median from which we look to educate and make society aware of the issues related to what we call “disability.”


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Our Mision

At Independent Living Radio we are confident that we are human beings full of capabilities. Here we decide that the only limits that exist are the ones we put on ourselves as well as the barriers imposed upon us by society. Her we intend to fight against the prejudice and the ignorance of a society that doesn’t learn what actions should be taken to eliminate direct and indirect discriminatory acts.


We live in a word that is functionally diverse, meaning that we are all different; nobody shares the same capabilities or limitations. Better said, it is our will that determines how difficult the challenges are to overcome.

Members of the Progress Center independent living at a march in support of the foundation
Several members of the Progress Center independent living

At Independent Living Radio we put forth the message that anything is possible but to achieve it, we also need a society to help us bring down those barriers that often block our path toward reaching our goals.   


At Independent Living Radio we make our voices heard so that the world knows that we count too. Here we say inclusion is the best solution. In this station we not only talk about adaptive technology, programs, services, laws, and activities taking place in any part of the planet, we also intend provide a bit of music and entertainment for all ages. Children and young people are a very important factor for a more inclusive present and future.


If you have any comments, experiences and stories you would like to share on our radio show please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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