Sign Language Classes

Woman speaking with sign language

Class Overview:

Book “A basic course in American Sign Language” Humphries, Padden, & Rouke.

Lessons 1 through 6

Students will:

 (1). Learn tips for communicating  with Deaf individuals

(2). Learn the finger spelling of the manual alphabet.

(3). Build a vocabulary of 300 signs.

(4). Use vocabulary in expressive sentences.

Time in the classroom will consist of reviewing lessons learned, learning new lessons, and practicing in group setting with the material learned in class. Deaf culture and specialized work related to sign will be taught weekly.

Course Objectives:

(1). The students will be able to spell their names and other words not learned with the use of the manual alphabet with their fingers.

(2). The students will demonstrate the ability to express themselves in basic sentences with signs and finger spelling.

(3). The students will gain a clear understanding of the culture of people with total hearing loss  or auditory limitation.


Text book: A basic course in American sign language. Please note: Six (6) of the lessons must be completed in the course seen during the (6) weeks.

Class 1

-Student Introductions. Review the rules.

-Go over tips of communication.

– Group Interaction: Spelling  

Teach Lesson 1

Group Interaction: Practice spelling.

Class 2

Put the students to spell their names with their fingers.

Review Lesson 1.

Teach Lesson 2.

Class 3

Teach Lesson 3: numbers 0-10.

Use of numbers in sign of family size (ie. Small family, 2 sisters – 0 brothers) Group interation: Practice (Please note: Group interaction is emphasized.)

Class 4

Test to assess the knowledge of lessons 1, 2, 3.  

Teach lesson 4.

Mini test. No collecting papers.

Class 5

Teach Lesson 5.

Group interaction:students must demonstrate short sentences.

Class 6

Teach Lesson 6.

Students will fill out evaluations, and final distribution of certificates.

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