Information and Referral

Three people talking, one of them is in a wheelchair

At Progress Center and Independent Living Radio we believe that information is power; that an informed person is always a person that is capable of knowing what their rights are, and where they can go.

One can find any information they seek relevant to disability. We could also refer them to other resources if needed, and if we do not have their information first-hand.  Independent Living Radio is a program under the Progress Center umbrella, that seeks to go far with providing information on the current resources available for persons with disabilities in any part of the world. We also assist families and communities.

We find a way to directly or indirectly provide assistance to  those with disabilities to help them establish their lives within the community. We service and support people with disabilities of any age, to acquire and maintain their Independence. Here at Progress Center and Independent Living Radio we say, ”We don’t Just prepare the fish so that they can eat it for a day. Here we teach the pperson how to fish so that he can eat for a lifetime.”

Independent Living Radio, as well as other centers for Independent Living are committed to providing 4 core services:

  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Counseling
  • Independent Living Skills training to perform activities of daily living
  • Non-legal Advocacy

Do you need help, have questions or want to collaborate with the growth of Radio vida Independiente?