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Woman sharing with her elderly mother

One day, a woman from New York came to my office. She said she had a 93-year-old mother who resided in Chicago and could no longer hear well. For economic reasons the woman would travel alone to Chicago once or twice a year. For all that period of time in between, mother and daughter lost those moments of sharing important happenings for not being able to communicate by phone and for their lack of knowledge about the amplified phone technology currently available.


We talked with them about the amplified phone program, and explained how the phones worked We then placed mother and daughter into separate offices within the building to test and see which of the amplified phones worked, via a phone call.  The mother’s eyes opened wide when she realized that she was hearing her daughter’s voice through the amplified phone. After the testing we said farewell and both women left my office with big smiles on their faces.


A year later, mother and daughter came back to my office. The daughter came to visit from New York and both women decided to take the time to drop by and share how much the amplified phone has made a difference in their lives. They were so happy to share that not a day goes by without them talking. The daughter would check on her mother day and night.

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