Create job opportunities for people with disabilities

If you anywhere in the world have a job to offer for people with disabilities, please contact us.

At Radio Vida Independiente and Progress Center we raise our voices to ask that people with disabilities be included competitively and equitably in the workplace.

At Independent Living Radio and Progress Center, we raise our voices to request that people with disabilities be included in competitive employment and be treated equally in the workplace. More than 65% of the world’s population of people with some type of disability are unemployed, and this is not because they can’t find any work; rather, it’s because the majority of employers are more concerned with the person’s physical and mental limitations, than his or her true professional capabilities.

We frequently encounter acts of discrimination when a person with a disability goes to an interview and is told that he or she is not qualified for the position (it is very difficult to prove that the candidate has been discriminated against).

Though you may present higher qualifications than the other candidates, they reject and deny you the opportunity to demonstrate your potential.

At Independent Living Radio and Progress Center, we don’t want people with disabilities to solely be hired out of pity or charity. All we ask is for them to be given the opportunity to be considered as competitive as others, based on their skills and knowledge of the job they are trying to get.

man with down syndrome dressed formally at work
man with prosthesis on his leg sitting with a laptop doing remote work

People with disabilities should not be valued as qualified because of their physical and mental conditions. They should be valued for, and compensated based on their talents and performance like any other employee. 

We call on all businesses who have available positions to also consider people with physical or mental limitations. Don’t use their conditions as a qualifier. Focus on the knowledge and skill-sets they bring, for the positions you are trying to fill.

Here at Progress Center we offer an Employment Services program to Illinois residents.

If any of you out there, in the world have any employment to offer please contact us.  Help us bring down the barriers to employment and reduce the high unemployment rates of people with disabilities.

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