Housing Services

Woman in a wheelchair cooking and enjoying her new home

One of the biggest needs of persons with disabilities is to live in a home that is economically affordable, physically accessible and a part of the community.

Here at Independent Living Radio and Progress Center for Independent Living, we fight to bring to the forefront and educate governing authorities and Housing developers on this issue, in order to increase the availability of affordable, accessible housing.

A high percentage of persons with disabilities in this world are not home owners. Sadder yet, they are more likely than other groups to live in poverty due to the high cost of rent or from the lack of employment.

Having an inaccessible home can also limit people with disabilities and their families from participating in their own communities. For example: for someone in a wheelchair to have to use a high set of stairs is like expecting someone who walks, to cross an ocean.

Independent Living Radio and Progress Center for Independent Living have the mission of eradicating acts that are directly and indirectly discriminatory. For example: Frequently, we here of cases where a blind individual is denied an apartment for rent simply because he has a guide dog. Many times it’s because owners ignore the fact that the dogs are service animals, and they consider them as pets. Persons with disabilities also have a right to a decent and accessible housing.

At Independent Living Radio and Progress Center for Independent Living we believe that by working together, we can create a better world for all; a world that is inclusive.

If you have a story or experience that you would like to share with us regarding discrimination or any other issue related to housing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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